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Nobel Biocare – NobelSpeedy

The original and widely documented implant for the All-on-4 treatment concept

NobelSpeedy is specifically designed for high primary implant stability in soft bone and is ideal for Immediate Function. Its short drilling protocol is time-efficient and reduces chair time. NobelSpeedy is preferred by many for fixed full-arch restorations – it's the original and widely documented implant for the All-on-4 treatment concept.

Achieve high primary stability also in soft bone

With its slightly tapered body, NobelSpeedy is designed to maximize primary stability and support immediate loading protocols. The sharp apex cuts through grafted or locally dense bone and allows for underpreparation and bicortical anchorage.

Be efficient and save time

NobelSpeedy follows short drilling protocols and allows for underpreparation in soft to medium bone. This simultaneously reduces chair time and provides primary stability.

Benefit from exceptional versatility

NobelSpeedy is available in a complete range of diameters and lengths, including narrow, extra long and extra short implants.

Experience enhanced osseointegration

NobelSpeedy features Nobel Biocare’s unique oxidized TiUnite surface with grooves on the threads (Groovy). This maintains high stability during healing through fast bone formation and ensures long-term success.

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Lifetime warranty

NobelSpeedy is covered by a lifetime product warranty.


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