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Nobel Biocare – NobelClinician

NobelClinician Software facilitates diagnostics and planning of implant-supported treatment solutions.

NobelClinician Software is the next generation software for digital diagnostics and treatment planning. Through various pre-defined workspaces any DICOM file can be reviewed and analyzed. NobelClinician Software facilitates team collaboration and comes with an unparalleled ease of use. NobelClinician Software runs on Windows and Mac OS X, enabling you to finally work with the operation system of your choice.

NobelClinician Software supports the NobelGuide concept. It combines a patient's detailed clinical information with 3D radiographic data into a sophisticated virtual environment. This allows dental professionals to fully control all parameters of the implant treatment approach, system, and positioning.

NobelClinician Software features and benefits

NobelClinician Software offers various features to facilitate diagnostics and treatment planning. NobelClinician helps to communicate the treatment plan to the patient.


Involve treatement partners in the diagnostic and planning process, through secure data sharing. Access your patient files securely online from selected computers – be it in the office, at home or when you are traveling.

NobelClinician viewer

Send a colleague, who has no access to NobelClinician Software, a read-only NobelClinician viewer file for review. The NobelClinician viewer file can be opened with the freely available NobelClinician viewer.



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