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The Journal of Oral Science & Rehabilitation publishes original and high-quality research and clinical papers in the fields of periodontology, implant dentistry, prosthodontics and maxillofacial surgery. The aim of the journal is to promote rapid communication of scientific information between academia, industry and dental practitioners, thereby influencing the decision-making in clinical practice on an international level.

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Journal of Oral Science & Rehabilitation No. 4, 2019

In this issue: Editorial / Contents / About the Journal of Oral Science & Rehabilitation / Trends in clinical trials on bone regeneration in dentistry—towards an innovative development in dental implant treatment / Gingivoplasty and botulinum toxin application result in improvement of severe gummy smile / Prevalence of esthetic gingival recession in university health care in a region of Spain / Topical doxycycline after nonsurgical instrumentation of deep periodontal pockets: Results from a prospective case series with 12 months’ follow-up / Guidelines for authors /

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DT Latin America No. 5, 2020

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