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The today international show daily newspaper is an exclusive on-site planning tool for visitors and exhibitors of every major international dental event. today provides comprehensive event coverage and includes the floor plan, exhibitor list, product news and industry reports.

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today DenTech China Shanghai, 2020

In this issue: 2020华南国际口腔展 喜迎25周年庆典 / 牙齿缺失的成年患者罹患心血管疾病的风险可能更高 / 牙周炎会增加中风风险 / 瑞典一篇研究论文证实牙周病和心血管疾病风险之间存在联系 / 牙科射线检查对健康构成潜在威胁 / 口腔癌发病率呈上升趋势 / 三氧矿物聚合物在根管治疗中的临床应用 / 服 务

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