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Who we are

Align Technology is a global medical device company that is changing lives through better smiles. We reimagine and reinvent the way orthodontic and restorative treatment is presented and delivered to millions of people around the world.
We believe a better smile has the power to create a better future, so we create digital technology and experiences to help people move forward in life.

Our history

Align Technology has always set the bar for leadership and change in our industry by constantly innovating to bring new and better solutions to doctors and their patients.

In 1997, five employees in a small duplex in Redwood City, California, founded Align Technology with a simple concept in mind - how to leverage technology to straighten teeth. Just a few years later in 1999, Align Technology pioneered the invisible orthodontics market with the introduction of the Invisalign® System and soon launched a large U.S national advertising campaign. By 2001, Align had manufactured one million unique clear aligners, helped treat hundreds of patients and trained over ten thousand doctors.
By combining digital treatment planning and mass-customization, with shape-engineering based on biomechanical principles, we have revolutionized the orthodontic industry. The Invisalign® System has continued to evolve over the last 26 years. Building upon our experience, a database of approximately 15.7 million cases, continuous innovations in aligner materials, software algorithms, 3D force systems, the Invisalign® System can be used to treat a wide range of cases, from teens to adults.

In 2011, we acquired the iTero™ intraoral scanner. Digital scanning technology was a natural extension to our digital treatment processes of the Invisalign® System, enabling enhanced patient scans and an improved patient experience. With more than 15 million restorative crown, bridge, and custom implant cases enabled by the iTero scanner to date, Align Technology continues to increase its investment in digital restorative workflows. Today’s practices require a range of digitally enabled solutions – from chairside visualization, prosthetic CAD capabilities, in-office milling options, and laboratory workflows for restorative dentistry, to tools and applications exclusively designed for Invisalign® treatment, which only iTero Element™ can provide.

Today, we've helped treat approximately 15.7 million patients with the Invisalign® System and are driving the evolution in digital dentistry with the iTero intraoral scanner − helping to modernize today’s practices by enabling enhanced digital orthodontic and restorative workflows to help improve patient outcomes and practice efficiencies.


Align today

Align Technology has continued to evolve significantly over the last 26 years.

Our goal is to help doctors participate in a new and larger market by investing in innovative products and building brands to drive millions more consumers to their practice. By combining advanced 3D modeling for digital treatment planning, shape-engineering based on biomechanical principles, and mass-customization and 3D printing, we’ve revolutionized the orthodontic industry.

Today, doctors in over 120 markets around the world use the Invisalign® System and iTero scanners to improve smiles for every type of patient – from simple tooth alignment to complex corrections, kids to adults, orthodontics to multi-disciplinary restorative treatment. Approximately 15.7 million patients and counting have benefited from these solutions, and tens of thousands of orthodontic and dental practices have made us a part of their modern, digital approach to improving smiles.


The Invisalign System is the most advanced clear aligner system in the world, trusted by over 15 million people worldwide to improve their smiles.

The iTero Element Family of Intraoral Scanners propels today's dental practice into the future by enhancing the patient experience and elevating clinical precision.




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