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A Congress for Haitian Dentists

By Javier M. de Pisón / Editor-in-Chief, Dental Tribune Latin America
May 07, 2010

MEXICO CITY, Mexico — Dental Tribune Latin America will broadcast starting on May 13th, 2010 a three-day long benefit dental congress to help collect funds for Haitian dentists from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The Spanish-language event is part of an international initiative launched by this publication that will be broadcast online through our Dental Tribune Study Club at Please register now and show your solidarity with your colleagues.  

The Latin American Dental Federation (FOLA), the FDI - World Dental Federation, the Ibero-Latin American Dental Federation (FDILA) and Dental Tribune Latin America started a campaign to help dentists in Haiti after the devasting earthquake of January 12, 2010.

The first step of the campaign was to bring the president of the Haiti Dental Association, Dr. Samuel Prophete, to the Chicago Midwinter Meeting, where Chicago Dental Society's president Dr. Michael Stablein graciously invited Dr. Prophete to give an eloquent speech about the earthquake's devastation of his country and the situation his colleagues as a result at the Opening Session of CMM.

On that same trip a delegation of all the above-mentioned organizations met with the president, president-elect and executive directors of the American Dental Association to share ideas for helping Haitian colleagues. The ADA is currently investigating opportunities to support and or /reconstruct the oral health infrastructure of Haiti. 

The Latin American Dental Federation has been involved in the reconstruction of the health system in Haiti with the Pan American Health Organization, and with Latin American Dental Associations throughout the region. One of its aims is to incorporate dentistry in the new Haitian public health system, a measure that would mean dental offices in all public hospitals of the island.

Puerto Vallarta Congress
Speakers in the Puerto Vallarta congress will donate their fees, the congress organizer FDILA half of its booth revenue and Dental Tribune Latin America all of its income for online attendance. Dr. Prophete of Haiti's Dental Association will also be in attendance, thanks to the help provided by the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI), and in particular of its director for Latin America, Dr. Alvaro Ordóñez.

Included in the roaster of speakers are renowned Latin American dentists such as Miguel Asenjo (Dominicana Rep.), Sergio Kohen (Argentina), Enrique Jadad, Iván Herrera, Gonzalo Arana (Colombia), Renato Miotto (Brazil), Carlos Jiménez (Chile), Isabel Aranda, Jesús Iñíguez and Arturo Alvarado (México).
At the AMIC Dental fair here FDILA president Dr. Adán Yáñez, organizer of the Puerto Vallarta congress, hung from the expo ceiling atop his booth a huge banner of the "A Smile for Haiti" campaign, showing the face of a Haitian child after the quake, with the message "You Are the Missing Piece," and asked Mexican professionals to attend the event.

If there was a time to show solidarity with your professional colleagues, the time is now. Please show your support and help Haitian dentists get back on their feet with the dignity they deserve by registering now and joining our online broadcast on May 13th.

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