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A market of 80,000 dentists

By Javier M. de Pisón, Dental Tribune Latin America
May 07, 2010

MEXICO CITY, Mexico: All eyes were focused on the barely one month old iPad being used by the Mexican company Ah Kim Perch for express check out at their huge booths - a sign of the cutting edge technologies companies are using here to gain market share in a country with 80,000 practicing dentists. And with 4,000 dental students graduating every year, Mexico has registered a 10% annual growth in the dental industry in 2009-2010.

International and domestic companies were in full force at the 53rd AMIC Dental Expo, competing for attention with intensity during the five-day long commercial meeting and scientific congress. Oral-B, Colgate-Palmolive, Ah Kim Pech, Ivoclar Vivadent, and Laboratorios Gayz had the largest booths, similar in size and design to any seen at Cologne's IDS.

Ah Kim Pech, which distributes Myofunctional's Trainer System, their exlusive Ortho-Kinetic Intelligent System and brackets and wires of its popular brands Stylus, LIGHTT, Economize and flexx, raffled a bright red Smart Car, which sat atop their iPad express order booth. Led by Luis Fernando and the Bolivar family, the company has 80% market share in the orthodontics Mexican market, and he also attends the meetings of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) and the World Federation of Orthodontists (WFO). At AMIC, they could only just keep up to the huge demands for their products.

Laboratorios Gayz took a good bite of the expo venue with separated large booths for some of the many products they distribute, such as KaVo and Ritter dental units, Cavex alginates and a new automatic mixer called Mac II, amalgams, or the Blue Lax Lamp. In addition, they distribute Schulz compressors, Clean Line, essence dental, and FGM’s teeth whiteners such as the popular Whiteness HP Maxx, among many other products.

Led by Ayub Safar of the Safar Group, who is also AMIC Dental president, the group is comprised of several other companies, most notably the largest dental depot in Mexico, Villa de Cortés, which distributes a large array of products from SS White, Hu-Friedy and Bausch.

Large attendance
One of the reasons that AMIC Dental attracts a large turnout, estimated at over 35,000 people, is the five Smart Cars the expo raffles among shoppers, one per day. In addition, Safar has improved the expo extensively, associated with the Mexican Dental Association and UNAM Dental School, both of which organize scientific congresses at the expo, and has been instrumental in obtaining for Mexico City the 2011 FDI World Dental Congress.

Dentists queued up for lengths longer than a football field waiting patiently to receive promotions from the spectacular booths of Oral-B and Colgate-Palmolive, the lines snaking along the outer walls from one end of the expo venue to the other.

Oral-B promoted its popular Crest Pro-Salud (Crest Pro-Health), an all-in-one toothpaste for dental office use only, specially indicated for caries, plaque, gingivitis, and bad breath, as well as reducing dental stains and sensibility. The company also distributed a special orthodontics issue of Oral-B News, with an editorial by the president of the Mexican Orthodontists Association.

A cartoonish talking Colgate robot roamed the hallways, to entertain and educate children and adults alike in oral-health care, while the company introduced its Pro-Alivio (Pro-Relief) toothpaste, for exclusive use in the dental practice as well, which combats dental sensitivity according to the companys' research.

Savy marketing
The Mexican company Dentadec offered all-encompassing high-quality solutions for the dental office: from the Rolls Royce of dental chairs by A-dec, to hand pieces and surgical motors by W&H such as the alegra with or without LED and the assistina plus turbine, lamps from Ivoclar, 3D X-Ray Cone Beam Technology by NewTom3G and digital scanners and compressors from Air Techniques.

While it's certainly an impressive offering, Dentadec's president Daniel Stern is also a well-known speaker at scientific congresses and has taken another step in collaboration with Inteligencia Dental (I+D).

I+D is the only private dental education institute in Mexico that offers postgraduate courses in oral implantology with UNAM CE credits, as well as implant placement services for general practice dentists. More than an educational company, I+D is a think tank managed by Héctor Flores, former top officer for Ivoclar Vivadent Mexico. An interview with Dr. Flores will be published as part of the AMIC coverage.

Ivoclar Vivadent offered a large scope of restaurative materials for every need: from diagnostic and prevention solutions for dental pediatrics such as its CRT line, to direct restaurative materials like the adhesives and composites Tetric N-Ceram or ExciTE, as well as indirect restaurative materials such as the large IPS e.max line. The hand-held bluphase® curing light, which the company claims cures all type of materials, was also on view. Led now by Ulises Merino, Ivoclar Mexico organizes a yearly, company-sponsored symposia attended by 5,000 dentists and is now also distributing W&H products here.

VATECH America descended upon the Mexican market, newly distributed by Dentaclinic, a company that develops its own propietory and sophisticated dental software in Mexico City. Managed by Alexander Dedioulia and Alexander Belov, a Russian engineer and a marketing specialist who emigrated to Mexico, the company plans to merge their software with VATECH's, providing a total solution that will allow dentists to manage with just one application the software of tomography devices like the Pax Primo or the Pax Reve3D with Dentaclinic's clinical and administrative programs.

Luis Vázquez's company Vamasa was extremely busy selling Ultradent products such as the new Opalescence TresWhiteOrtho, the first that allows dental whitening while wearing brakets, on which a clinical paper by Dr. Enrique Jadad was published recently in Dental Tribune Latin America and Dental Tribune Spain, and will appear shortly in Dental Tribune Italy.

Nearby, Carlos Tirados' Tiarden company was challenged by the amount of people asking for Leone implants and the equine bone regeneration material Bioteck, while 3M ESPE introduced its Lava System, Imtec implants and their Filtek kit.

Edgar Molina, publisher of Odontología Actual, distributed also a long list of specialized clinical magazines such as Ortodoncia Actual, Implantología Actual or Endodoncia Actual, plus the Spanish-language version of JADA and the magazine of the Mexican Dental Association, ADM.

In addition, Molina is nor distributing clinical books from Spanish publisher Ripano. Among the new titles of this high-quality book publisher were Odontología Adhesiva y Estética by Rony Joubert, Orthoapnea by Jesús García Urbano, Historia de la Periodontología by Fermín Carranza and Tratamiento Ortodóncico con Extracciones, by Pablo Echarri. Ripano's president, Rafael López, traveled here to sign Mexican authors and also met with the president of the Brazilian Dental Association (ABO).

ABO president Dr. Newton Miranda Carvalho, a Brazilian implants specialist, and its international affairs director, Paulo Murilo Fontoura Jr. were in attendance promoting the upcoming FDI World Dental Congress, which will take place in Bahia, Brazil in September 3 - 5, 2010.

Manufacturing hub
In addition to the border shared with the US, the Guadalajara area in Jalisco state has become a dental manufacturing hub. Headquartered in this area are companies such as MDC, Zeyco and Ambiderm.

Zeyco, distributor of products such as Premier instruments, Gnatus dental chairs, Lascod, SDI, and its Dentocain line of anesthetics called Turbocaína, marked this year its 30th anniversary.

MDC, also from Guadalajara and one of the largest manufacturers of dental dams, promoted products such as the alginate MaxPrint, and its resistant orthodontic acrylics Nic Tone.

Ambiderm, the largest manufacturer of surgical gloves in the country, had two booths at AMIC to accomodate the high demand for its products.

VITA introduced its digital color spectophotometer, the EasyShade Compact, which takes accurate color measurements for restaurations at the dental office. It's a light, wireless, mobile device that takes precision color measurements with the click of a button.

Heraeus Kulzer Mexico had an impressive array of high-quality products such as the all-in-one desensibilizer, acid engraver and adhesive material iBond; the easy to apply, self-adhesive radio-opaque composite cement that reduces dental sensitivity iCem, and the Signum ceramis, a composite for metal-free restaurations which is resistent to impact and provides the aesthetics of natural teeth.

In addition, the company introduced their new regular-set impression material Flextime with fast-set engraving of 1 to 2:30 minutes, which allows clinicians more time to work but shortens the setting time of the product.

Sirona through Proladent Internacional, distributed at their elegant booth the Galileos tomography system; TriHawk and Rodent Edenta their high-quality dental burs; and J.O Suarez offerings ranged from equipment to dental units, as well as X-ray devices and autoclaves.

The market for mid-priced dental units is fierce in Mexico, with both domestic and international companies competing. Stelaris Dental, Luna-Dent, and Denimed are some of the most popular made-in-Mexico chairs. Based in Cordoba, Argentina, Denimed is now manufacturing well-accepted chairs in Mexico using their original design.

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